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Meta Formosis

Author Victorix

Developed in 2012

Language English Portuguese

What for

Do your training easily.

How it works

Each train has a sequence of rest and active cycles. To rest is to walk, and active can be walking faster or running.

The number of repetitive cycles depends on the chosen training.

You may stop the sequence any time. Each training is about 30 to 50 minutes

How to Confugure

Download MetaFormosis to your device.

Choose the MetaFormosis application by clicking on the icon similar to

Click on the Menu to acess Instructions or the chosen sequence. On the example at the side, the training sequence shown is:

Semana 1- treino (week 1 - train)

Shown at the side the training sequence for Semana 1 - Treino (week 1 - train)

It consists in walking for 2 minutes then running for one minute.

Everything is repeated 10 times, so the the whole training lasts for 30 minutes.

Clicking on the button Começar generates a sound indicating that the walking should start for 2 minutos as shown at the side.

Time shown is updated every second, and the number of completed cycles is also shown.

To spare battery energy the screen intensity increasses for a few seconds whenever there is a cycle change or training atitude, and remains on the lowest intensity otherwise.

A different sound is generated to distinguish each of the trainig atitudes: walk and run

The yellow bar indicates volume; and can be changed at any time.

Choosing another type of training may interrupt that one that has not ended.

The figure at the side presents some of the trainings available.

To terminate or interrupt teh training press the buttonTerminar


If you try to leave the aplication it will ask if you are shure to do it

If the Home button is pressed the application will remain in background and you may use your device. In this case a change in the application will bring it to foreground again with teh respective sound.

To switch off the screen will suspend MetaFormosis. When running in the background MetaFormosis will still run but will only play the sounds when the cycle changes.

What is needed

MetaFormosis does not need anything else to work.

MetaFormosis does not send data out of your device or communicates with any other aplication


Install MetaFormosis

Click on the MetaFormosis icon

Click on button - Começar

At anytime you may press button - Terminar

While there is no activity you can choose the train and have access to the Menu

Menu allows you to visualize the training sequence.


My address is Victorix(a)

Thank you and enjoy!

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